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  1. Ah, I see. When you have Enpass on one device open and go to Settings > Auto Backups you will see the location of the Backups folder. I'd suggest you check that the location is the same on both devices. If not you can change the location with the button. Also clicking on the location will take you directly to the Folder contents.
  2. In what way partially? Dis I miss something?
  3. What does it allow itself? I am and have been using this app for some time on Mac and iPhone/iPad. It syncs vie iCloud, giving accessibility rights in privacy settings allows it to access it's own folder in iCloud. What is wrong with that? I also used to sync via OneDrive back when I had an Android phone but security measures at Microsoft now require more permissions. On the Mac the rather poorly worded notification pops up saying, "Enpass would like permission to control this computer". This puts any number of people on the defensive as you can imagine. It is however standard behavior and other things that require this permission are Google Chrome, Google Updater, Dropbox and so on. Without this access to system file much of the functionality of the app would be lost.
  4. Why do you want access to the data base files? They can only be read by Enpass anyway.
  5. This is a standard request from any application that requires access to system files. Since the introduction of SIP (System Integrity Protection) you must approve any application which requires this functionality. Without access to System Files Enpass will be unable to perform certain functions and may not work properly. Other apps which will require access permission can be seen in Apple Menu > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Accessibility, such things as your Web Browser, Drop Box, Google Software Updater, OnyX and so on. You can view the ones that have already been approved in the menu of the path I listed above.
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