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  1. Is it possible to add an item like a software license to Enpass on Mac without having to use a CSV file? Can I just select the fields and type the info in? Or do I have to use a CSV file format?
  2. Thanks for your response, I checked and it indeed works as you said
  3. I'm a new user to Enpass for Mac and I like it so far. I have upgraded to the pro version on my Mac and iOS devices. While I prefer it over Roboform, I keep running into an issue with when it comes to Safari on my Mac. Whenever I login to a site Enpass doesn't offer to save my webform/login. Roboform which I still have does howeve,r and no matter what I do Enpass doesn't not unless I manually save. I have it unlocked in the background, I'm up to date with version 6 but I'm not sure what else I need to do to get it to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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