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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Thank you for following up and I'm sorry for taking time. Of course, my username and email address were registered in each correct Field type. I faced the problem on iOS and I understand Enpass iOS app can not save credentials entered on a webpage. So, I tried via Enpass Win app. On Win 11, I deleted the item and synced with iOS. I confirmed the item was removed also from the vault on iOS. Then, again on Win 11, I entered the username and password on the webpage in Chrome, saved them via Enpass Chrome Extension, added my email address to the newly registered item (of course in 'Email' field), and synced the vault with iOS again. I tried autofill on iOS but unfortunately, reproduced the same result. In this try, I found the problem did not occur with Enpass Win app: it correctly entered my username to the username field on the webpage even when the item also had my email address. In the above try, 1. I used Safari on iOS 16.6.1. 2. The website was Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv). But I had the same problem on other web sites where they required my username but not email address, and both of them were included in one item in my Enpass vault. I hope the above will help you fix the problem. Thank you.
  2. I faced an problem and hope you fix it. I have an item in my Enpass vault which has both a username and an email address. Issue When I try to populate a username box in a web site which corresponds to the above item with my username by tapping my credential which Enpass shows on the keyboard (the one-tap login function), instead it enters my email address registered in the same item. Instead, tap the key icon which appeared to the right of my credential above the keyboard, choose the item from the pop-up list, also result in the same. Workaround However, instead of choosing an item from the list, tap Enpass…, choose the item from the Enpass overlay, then Enpass populates my username as expected. Other information As far as I remember, this unexpected behavior had started since ver. 6.9.0. I believe in previous versions, the one-tap auto fill entered my username as expected as well as choosing the item from the Enpass overlay. Could you see and solve the problem? Environment iOS/iPadOS ver. 16.6 Enpass ver. 6.9.1
  3. I also have the same problem. I’m a Personal user and using a key file with my mater password. Suspecting the strengthened security to be a cause for it. Does anyone have any ideas to solve the problem?
  4. I’m also facing the same problem: Enpass requires the “password of data” and it does not accept the master password of the vault though the master password was not changed! I tried disconnecting from Dropbox account, deleting the remaining vault file in Dropbox, reconnecting to Dropbox account, and then syncing again. This worked well at that time. However, after several days, Enpass returned to showing the error. Does anyone know the current situation to solve the problem?
  5. I probably faced the same problem. I exported KeePass XML (2x.) by KeePass ver. 2.41 and tried to import it to Enpass ver. 6.0.4 for Win 10. Enpass recognized the number of entries and popped up it. After I pressed "Continue" button, Enpass crashed immediately and no entries were imported. I sent some crash reports, so could you check it and fix this problem?
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