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  1. @Anshu kumar Thanks for the info. I have already sent the WebDAV Account to your support email. They replied that it is really an issue and they forwarded it to the Developer team. Did you hear anything about that ? Thanks Jay
  2. Guys, could you please have a look ? The WebDAV in Nextcloud is still broken. Probabaly now you know the problem. the iOS app has weird path resolution. I have a QNAP so the Synology workaround will not work. On MAC and Windows the synch works perfectly well. Thanks for your support
  3. Yes still broken in 6.0.4. I can confirm. But it also did not state that there was a fix for that. I think that this is not just a small feature.
  4. I can confirm it is broken since 6.0.0. Guys come on ! My config is iOS trying to sync with a Nextcloud 13 running on Qnap NAS. Sorry but no test account. Synching with MacOS to the same location is no problem. So it must be an iOS problem. Currently the software became almost useless.
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