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  1. Hi guys, Got a desktop running enpass, and an iphone running it as well. I decided to change google password to something stronger than I had, and did this on my desktop. Pushed it out to iphone no problem. I verified that enpass has the right new google stronger password generated on my desktop on the iphone. I then attempt to open up, and the gmail app wants me to relogin as expected. When I get to the password screen on the gmail app, I put cursor in password screen, and use enpass auto fill in on the password, and it uses my OLD password. I tried this numerous times. Eventually I manually copy new password out of enpass, and paste it into gmail app and everyone is happy. Do I have some setting wrong, am I doing something dumb, or ??. I'm not sure where it got the old password as I triple checked that enpass had the updated password. Any clues appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to EnPass, and wanted to run a scenario by more knowledgeable folks to make sure I'm not doing anything dumb. My configuration is simple, one desktop PC, and one iphone. Have enpass installed on both. I've loaded up passwords on PC, synced them to one of the supported clouds, and pulled them down on my iphone, all no problem. I'm a paranoid SOB especially when dealing with passwords, so the thought of that sync file, even though encrypted, out in the cloud bugs me. So what I have done is manually dump that sync file off of the cloud. Now if I follow the rule (limitation) that I can only create/dekete/update passwords on my desktop, is this safe to do? So an update procedure would be add new data to desktop, generate cloud file, sync up iphone, then immediately delete cloud sync file. I realize that I cannot safely generate any new entries on the iphone as if I also did on desktop, I may cause some kind of conflict I think (not sure). For me it's ok that the iphone is read only. But I figure since I now have data in 2 places (iphone, desktop) if one of them craps out I can always generate a sync file file from the computer or phone whichever is working, and push it to the broken device once I fixed it. If both devices fail at the same time, then I'm SOL. Does this seem like a reasonable way to go? Any feedback appreciated.
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