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  1. I switch between different displays and sometimes MacOS needs to change scaling as I use a mix of 4K and non 4K displays. The latest version of enpass does not re-scale when the scaling has changed. This means that if I go from a 4K display to a non-4K display the browser plugin displays everything big and it doesn't fit correctly in the pane. I have to force quit enpass and re-open each time. This issue is new with the latest version. 6.0.7 (336) and seems to be a regression, there was not an issue with earlier releases.
  2. I effectively had this same issue:
  3. Unfortunately I don't think there is. I'd like to understand what changed with v6 which possibly made enpass gfx hungry and it that can be reverted?
  4. Forgot to add, this had never been an issue prior to the v6 upgrade. What changed in the macos app between v5 and v6 which could influence this behavior? Is v6 using electron and v5 not?
  5. I'm using a macbook pro 2017 15" and have an eGPU configuration when I am sat at my desk, the GPU is a 580RX. MacOS provides an option to hot unplug the eGPU, however the newly updated enpass app is for some reason making use of my external GPU instead of the integrated GPU, and fails to quit successfully. Once unplugged I need to kill enpass and open it up again. Only applications that need to high amount of GPU resources would normally attach to the eGPU, how can enpass app be configured to prevent this?
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