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  1. Hi Garima,

    "Show Enpass in menu bar" was disabled, as I like to have a clean and tidied up menu bar showing only items I need frequently. And I need Enpass mainly for Web passwords. I will activate this option and see whether this solves this issue. I will keep you updated, also if this solves this issue.


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  2. This issue is so annoying that I am considering to switch to another tool again. Neither 1Password, nor Bitwarden keep continuously asking for authorization. It is (and was) present with all versions of macOS (currently macOS 10.15.2), all versions of Enpass (currently 6.3.3), and all versions of the browser extension (currently 6.3.3).


  3. This is really an annoying problem, which makes Enpass almost unusable. But it can be also the other way around. The text is too large (see attached screenshot).

    It is also very cumbersome that Safari keeps asking whether Enpass is allowed to connect to Safari. This happens even if browser authorizing is disabled.

    Enpass developers, please solve these issues!




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