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  1. Atm, access to multiple vaults works with the master password of the first vault. This prevents different users with different vaults can use enpass on one PC. In addition I think it's a security issue, because the master password of other vaults are saved in Enpass / in the first vault. A master password should never be saved anywhere! So it would be great, if access to a vault should only be possible with each vault's master password. Not with the master password of another vault. For me it's not importent opening multiple vaults at the same time. I only want to manage/using them separatly with one Enpass installation or within the web browser.
  2. Thanks for this great piece of Software. A awesome alternative to 1Pa... There are 2 features really missing: 1. After loading a website, the Enpass extension should automatically fill in known fields on a known website. Nothing more should be needed. (I'm wondering this doesn't work already ... but I tested with various browsers.) 2. Autofill on a known website should possible to run with a free definable keyboard shortcut. Thank you! Alex.
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