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  1. Hi @Tahreem, downloaded from this link -> https://dl.enpass.io/beta/portable/mac-win/6.0.7/EnpassPortable_6.0.7.zip is a zip, unpacked the Mac directory contains another zip EnpassPortable.zip which unpacks to a single app EnpassPortable. The executable in Contents/MacOS ist dated Donnerstag, 28. März 2019 um 18:07. From disk it cannot be opened at all, from a stick again I get told the file is corrupted and should be moved to trash. I moved the zip to a stick, unpacked there, same result. After all it's not a pkg (which would make no sense since installing a portable version is useless), and after it all it does not run on Catalina. Thanks for caring
  2. Hi all, not enough a stable version waits for 1000 years now the downloaded beta does not seem to run on Catalina. It tells me the file is corrupted and refuses to open. Sad.
  3. Hi @Vikram Dabas happened on a 2017 Macbook Pro, most recent OS, with a noname 1g stick. It was from the welcome screen and the app dissapeared/crashed quietly. Nevertheless your response made me use a different approach choosing "new user" from the welcome screen and configure the sync from settings after the app started. That worked perfect with my WebDAV, so for my purpose the problem is at least "worked around" (better to say solved since I will not go through the welcome sequence any further). Unfortunately I cannot set up a Test account on the Cloud, sorry. Thanks for caring, I wish you good luck finding the bug in the welcome sequence!
  4. Unfortunately the OSX Beta crashes on the attempt to sync with WebDav/NextCloud. Is this a known issue? Can I help in resolving it?
  5. OK, let's try it out. Finally it's here.
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