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  1. @Anshu kumar No. That option is disabled. It is definitely a weird bug. Screenshot attached.
  2. pbotadra

    Blurry UI

    Same issue for me as well though it happens randomly sometimes (not always): Screenshot of the extension (blurry) and main Enpass App (not blurry) attached. Platform: MacOS 10.14.3 on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) @Anshu kumar Hope this helps.
  3. @Anshu kumar Can you please confirm if these issues are being worked upon? 3rd point seems to be fixed with the setting to match exact domain in browser extension. But would like to know about others.
  4. @Anshu kumar That seems to have worked. Thank you. I had no idea about this setting.
  5. @Anshu kumar First issue is not specific to any one website. It is generic issue. Check the attached image for explanation. Forum does not allow me to put URLs in the post.
  6. Issues that I am facing on Enpass 6.0.5 (on MacOS Mojava, running Safari 12.0.3) 1. Search seems to freeze the App (already reported by others) 2. Enpass extension asks for authorization almost every other day - why is this the case? Why does it have to be authorized again and again? 3. When I use the assistant to fill in passwords in Safari, it does not give me a suggestion based on the domain that I'm visiting, but a list of all logins sorted in some random order Expected behavior: Only show matches that fit to the current 2nd level domain by default. If there are 3rd level subdomains, show all 2nd level domain logins, but with the appropriate subdomain first. 4. Forms for creating items (logins, identities, Credit Card etc.): All the form fields are like plain text-fields with no help or details regarding format, validations etc. Example: In Identifies, Gender is a text-field - people may enter either Male or M (or something else). Shouldn't this be a dropdown? Same is the case with Date fields (Date of Birth etc.), there is no information on the date format - should it be dd/mm/yyyy or something else? Is this an area where you guys are actively working currently? 5. Suggestion: When I use the assistant to fill in passwords in Safari and the correct login is presented in the window, it takes me 3 keystrokes to login: a. "arrow down" (get out of search field) b. Another "arrow down" to get to the login entry. c. "Enter" to login Better option: Keyboard focus is directly on the first login item, so that I only need to hit "enter" (such as in 1Password) Thanks @C__O , I re-used two of your posts in the above
  7. @Vinod Kumar @Anshu kumar Any news on these 2 issues? Can we expect them in the next update?
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