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    Reuse last fill

    Hi I use enpass on my Android phone and I've got two problems : - when you use enpass to fill something with the keyboard, the second time you open the Keyboard it forget the website. For example I use it to open my account an Amazon, the first time I choose Amazon on enpass keyboard but the second time, when I need to enter totp, I must choose Amazon on the enpass list again. Maybe the hability to define a timer before reset the keyboard ? - when I choose enpass keyboard, it remains that way even after when I just need to type text (where I use Gboard,) Is it possible to automatically move to another keyboard when the time above is done ? Thank for reading
  2. Do you have a link to this opener ? Maybe a website hosted by enpass but with webdav opener. That's way the code of the website can be closed source.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. You should really consider webapp
  4. Hi I use keepass for a while but the UI is not so great for 2016 software so I take a look on Enpass and it seems great. But I miss some usefull things like : Online / Self-hosted webapp : when you're on public computer and without your phone, it can be very usefull to use a webapp that everyone self host to open the database. Maybe on read-only to avoïd sync problem. Ok you're going to give a portable version but I don't go every where with an usb stick. With Keepass, we can self-host Keeweb and access to our database litteraly anywhere without portable / usb. When you enter master password, it can be usefull to have an icon to see password in plain text. I've got a very long master password and if I'm wrong by typing a letter of my password I must start over. That's it for now, thank
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