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  1. I am using a Mac - macOS 10.14.6 with Enpass version 6.1.2 and am trying upgrade to Premium. When I go to settings>premium features I get to a section that says Premium Features and offers me a button link to 'Get Store Version'. When I click on that button I am taken to the Apple App Store and asked to OPEN Enpass version 6.1.3. When I do that the application opens on my desktop and asks for my master password. I put in my master password and it will not unlock. I closed that application, then opened the one I have in my utilities folder and it readily accepted my master password. All I am trying to do is upgrade to premium so I can make more categories. It says on the web page that I can do this through in-app purchases for $11.99. How? And do I risk my app not opening when I do? Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. I know I can change my weak passwords by going into edit form and then generating a new, stronger password. Once I have done that, do I have to go to that login site and manually change to the new password or does Enpass somehow magically do it for me? What is the best procedure to strengthening weak passwords? Thanks for help.
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    master password

    Thanks for getting back to me. As you know on a Mac it notifies you when there are updates to your software (unless you have auto update on which I don't). So if I install the update to Enpass (by clicking on update Enpass on the update tab in the App Store) and then try to open the database, it tells me I am using an incorrect master password. I always do a complete backup before I try the update so then what I have been doing is just trash the new updated Enpass and grab my old one from my backup and all works well...except my program has none of the benefits in the updates. Get Info says I am using version 5.6.11 of Enpass. Not sure how to 'share this issue' at the support link you suggested. I'll do it if you guide me.
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    master password

    I changed my master password and forgot what I changed it to. I went a few months back and restored an Enpass backup with my original password. So far so good. Then I changed my password and this time I wrote it down. The new password worked on my desktop, iPhone and iPad. HOWEVER I cannot update Enpass anymore. It always says I am putting in the wrong password even tho I open the program all the time with the password I am entering. What, if anything, can I do to fix this? Thanks for any help. Emily
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