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  1. You're sure right, Bout. Nobody is listening to us or cares what we say. I had a good feeling about Enpass for a long time, and I have been waiting until it is truly usable before I take it seriously and actually begin to use it. It seems as if a remedy for the skinny columns, which are unusable, may be a long time coming. Good luck with your other problems, too!
  2. Those two columns are way too small! They should be expanded to the right, where there is plenty of room. I like Enpass a lot, and I would gladly pay/donate plenty for it, but I couldn't consider using it with those columns so small.
  3. How can I change the data storage location from "Users/JM/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop/Data/Documents" to another folder?l
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