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  1. We solved our sync issue by not sharing our vaults over a local directory (which is synced via owncloud), but via WebDAV of owncloud. This enables parallel user access to all of our vaults. (Enpass 6.0.6 on macOS 10.14.3)
  2. Hi, thanks, this solved the issue. Thumbs up for the great software!
  3. Hi, I exactly did so, but the process of restoring the in-app purchase loads forever. Do you need my iTunes transaction details?
  4. Hello, I installed Enpass with Pro on my iPhone, also on my iPad (with the same AppleID). Is the usage of the Pro functionality supported on the second device, or do I have to purchase a second time on the iPad for the same AppleID? I already bought the in-app purchase on the iPhone, recovery on iPad stucks in loading. Greetings, Harald
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