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  1. where do I actually find a changelog. I saw before that there were already 2 updates for Enpass in the WindowsStore. V6.1 and 6.2 but nowhere a hint was fixed or changed here. So what has been changed?
  2. please tell us here, wenn the update for ther german setup come! Thanks
  3. yes, hope that the Enpass-People soon find a way that "we" can import everything again. So I can't use the software. Back then 2 years ago, it was still possible with Enpass 5 (store version) and Roboform 7. I bought the current Enpass 6 - version again for 6 Euro and can't use it. I wanted to change from Roboform 8 to Enpass 6, but it doesn't make sense. Seats on over 500 not yet imported Safe-Notes, which do not work. Please, please dear Enpass team. Do something! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  4. Okay, found part of the problem. The logins and identities can be imported if you change Roboform 8.x interface from e.g. German to English. Only the SafeNotes still get the error message "Nothing to import". Too bad, but in the SafeNotes I have stored a lot of important information. Can you help? thank you pit
  5. yes, i have done this but error at import
  6. hello, could somebody from support get in touch here soon and tell me what's going on? Why does the import into Enpass 6 from Roboform 8.x data not work? Is this a bug that will be fixed in the near future or is it just not possible in this combination anymore? thank you
  7. @robertwhy think you can do it, it's because of your old Roboform version 7. With the new 8er-Roboform you can't do it anymore. pit
  8. same problem and the same errormessage with Roboform V8.55 when importing. Bug in Enpass V6? Using Enpass-Windows-Store-Version.
  9. superpit

    Enpass 6.0.0 - Upgrade to Pro doesn´t work

    And what if, for example, version 7 comes out in a year and you give your software a different name, then it costs 12 dollars again? I mean, it's ok that you want or need to make money with your software, but then you should communicate that better beforehand, right? As you can see here in the forum, not all buyers seem to realize that an update of the Windows version from 5 to 6 costs money again. In my opinion it's not enough to simply say that the two versions 5 and 6 are two completely different programs.
  10. same here. Got the equal Error
  11. superpit

    Enpass 6.0.0 - Upgrade to Pro doesn´t work

    baught the Windows 10 App (Version 5.x) in 2016 for about 10 Dollars at Microsoft Store. So, i thought, that i can now use the Premium-Features at the new V6-Windowstore-App for free. This ist not possible. So i have to sell 6 Dollar now and the 10 Dollars in past, really? pit
  12. superpit

    Enpass Beta v5.4.0 for Traditional Windows is here

    my Antivirus ist not Norton it is this here: https://www.360totalsecurity.com/de/
  13. superpit

    Enpass Beta v5.4.0 for Traditional Windows is here

    what is about Fingerprint Reading? Roboform and Lasstpass can do this with the desktop Versions! Yes, i know, Enpass can do this also, but only in the special Win10-Version. I bought this, but i dont use it, because many functions about the desktopversion dont run here. Please look at Roboform and Lastpass, how do THEY implanted this fingerprint-funktion in there software. Thanks
  14. superpit

    Enpass Beta v5.4.0 for Traditional Windows is here

    got an Trojaner-Message from 360 Total Security after download your betafile. Is this real?
  15. superpit

    Fingerprint for Desktopversion

    yes, same arguments by me. Roboform does it with Window Biometric Framework (since Windows 7). Why cant you do this. I have bought your 10 Dollar for you programm but i dont use it with the same arguments as DGage. pit