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  1. Hi Serya, no, not yet. I also did a further testing and I think Enpass has a problem with 1pif data exported from an 1Password .opvault container. If you import this in Enpass your import contains no data. If you export your 1Password data from an .agilekeychain container, then your Enpass import contains data, not all, but 43 of 47 items (demo vault). So Enpass has to work on the Enpass import from 1Password export of .opvault containers. Regards Area
  2. Open multiple vaults

    +1 My plan was to switch from 1Password to Enpass over all my platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS), but the faulty import process of opvault exports and the missing multi vault support unfortunately stopped my intentions for the moment.
  3. Enpass fails when importing 1Password data (.1pif). I tried to import the data several times: import of the whole database (1404 objects), only import of accounts (18 objects) - but Enpass always shows elements in the import folder with "Ohne Titel" (Untitled), but no more content. Software: Windows 7 Pro (German), Enpass Version 5.6.5, 1Password Version Any ideas? Thanks and regards Area