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  1. Hi. I'm trying to migrate from KeepassXC to Enpass, but Enpass seems to be not very convenient. Maybe I just use it in a wrong way. I exported all password to a *.csv file. Then I edit the file with LibreOffice and imported it to Enpass. Then all my passwords was saved in the categorie "Login", but there was no structur within them. In KeepassXC I had different Groups, like a group for common websites with different subgroups, a group for creditcards, a group for Software. All this was gone. I could see that Enpass still has this information, each record still show a field which is called "Group", but there was no way to use it as a structure in Enpass. So I made new Tags with the same structure in Enpass and moved all my 2000 passwords manuell to this Tags and Subtags. But this isn't as useful than I thought. When I use Enpass in my Browser on my Android phone to automatically fill the user & password field, it doesn't show me the tags. So I have to choose between different possible accounts without seeing the Tags. Of course I can open the app and then open the tags first, but also can't search within a single tag. I could use categories instead of tags, but it would require a lot different categories to fit all my passwords and as I can't create sub categories, this doesn't look useful to me. Also Enpass ask me every single time I entered a password manuel in my browser, if I want to save it in Enpass, even it already exists. Is there a smart way to get a structure within Enpass?
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