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  1. I did search the forums before posting and there were several posts that seemed to be asking for something similar, but exactly, so making the request directly. In the current way Enpass password generator works it only gives an option to exclude symbols (but not telling what symbols those might be). Unfortunately, most websites don't say create a password and don't use these characters. They either just say use special characters (and not tell you which ones they want you to use). After you try to submit, you typically get the error message saying we only use these ..... Or the sites say use special characters - here are the ones we accept. This is kind of backwards to how Enpass handles special characters when creating passwords. What I am having to do now is generate a password with what ever special characters you throw at me. I then have to manually go in and either remove the special characters or swap them for ones the site uses. Kind of a pain in the rear to do. Really a pain in the rear to do on sites the require changes every 30, 60 or 90 days. Will you please Tweak the password generator to add an off/on toggle and a field for us to paste in acceptable special characters that the generator would use to create them correctly. This would allow us to copy/paste from the needed website and generate our passwords without all the extra fuss that is currently there. Additionally, it would be helpful if you would post a list of they special symbols that are used at this time. I looked through the main site and also searched forums but was unable to easily find the answer. Many thanks for addressing this issue in advance.
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