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  1. I'm using Firefox on Windows. Sort of related is that I'm finding is that the recommended shortcut, Ctrl-Shift-Period actually seems to activate Multi Account Containers, whose shortcut is set to Ctrl-Period (that must be the default, because I've never used shortcuts with this or changed them). I'm not sure if this is a bug in Firefox or Multi Account Containers. (EDIT: seems to be a known issue with Multi Account Containers https://github.com/mozilla/multi-account-containers/issues/1963) Firefox won't let us set our shortcut to "Ctrl-/" though? Is this a browser limitation?
  2. Hi - thanks for letting me know. Andrew.
  3. Hello. iOS - 12.2 on iPhone 6 Plus. Enpass version 6.0.6 Windows 10 Professional. Enpass 6.0.6 (322) File is hosted in Dropbox. Date and time is automatically set on both devices (both appear to be showing the correct time in my timezone - Australian EST) The error shown is below in the first screenshot. If I click Resolve Now I see what is shown in the second screenshot. Merging seems to resolve it but the problem seems to constantly reappear.
  4. I'm also experiencing this same issue. Was there any resolution?
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