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  1. I heavily rely on multiple WebDAV connections - before 6.8.0 this has worked fine without a glitch but now even after updating to 6.8.1 (macOS App Store Version), synchronization is stalling and causing the Enpass App to burn CPU time. For some vaults, it reports errors requiring the WebDAV password to be entered, but does't accept the correct one. I'd rather not tinker with it and hope very much that the problem will be resolved soon.
  2. Thanks for the link! I rely heavily on WebDAV sync with my private server - I have more than 35 separate vaults to sync with WebDAV. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly; I rather like the features of the 6.8.0 updates.
  3. Hello, maybe this could help others with the same issue. I finally discovered why importing from a Splash ID exported CSV file fails in Enpass 6.x: The exported file has old-style Macintosh line endings (CR), but Enpass expects CRLF. If you try to directly import the generated file in Enpass, the dreaded "nothing to import" error occurs. To avoid this, open the CSV file in a text editor (such as BBedit), change the line ending style from "Legacy MacOS (CR)" to "Windows (CRLF)" and save the file. Now, the data can be imported to Enpass 6.x Peter
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