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  1. Hi, I have been using enpass Pro for many years (on PC and Android). I use various vaults and the only way to be able to sync them is to use webdav on a cloud (in my case DriveHQ). Unfortunately webdav is being decommissioned by almost all the clouds due to the lack of security I think. In fact, it hasn't worked for me for a few days. What other method can I use to sync 5 vaults using only one account? I don't want to have to create 5 accounts... If there aren't simple solutions I will be forced to migrate to another software unfortunately... Thanks
  2. Hi, I use PC and andorid 6.0.6 version. I use 4 Caveau sync with webdav in drivehq.com (it's the only possibility to have more caveau and only one account....) If I'm in my office or home and I am connected to wifi , the android (huawei mate 20 pro) sync is ok. But if I connect with 3G or 4G or LTE the sync have error. Sorry for my poor english.
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