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  1. Not sure if there was an update addressing this but, mine appears to be working in a "more expected way" at the moment. Pushing Return does edit still but it doesn't do it immediately. Searching and pressing Return fast (as you normally would) no longer causes the first result to be edited. If the results are returned already and then I press Return (aka, you paused before pushing Return), the first item is still edited. That isn't a problem since it's not instant anymore, searching feels normal. Not sure if there was an update to fix this or if my app or computer is just running slow but wanted to report back since I didn't see an Enpass update for this. Haven't looked through version change logs yet to verify a fix. If you guys fixed this, thanks! If my computer is just slow, then I guess that's a good work around
  2. +1 on changing this or adding an option to turn off. Pressing enter when searching is a natural thing to do. I'm using the Mac version. Love Enpass!!!
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