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  1. I got a note that Enpass now supports OneDrive for Business. Many thanks for this! I have a question. On my Windows 10 laptop, i got the Enpass app installed. 1) i have a personal vault (primary) located on OneDrive Personal 2) i have a second vault located on OneDrive for Business. Windows 10 gives the option to choose on which account you want to signin. On my laptop everything works well as aspected. On my iPhone XS (latetst) app: 1) i have my personal vault synced with my personal Outlook.com account 2) i would like to connect with the second vault, but the thing is, the pop-up screen goes directly away when i want to signin with my business (office 365) account. Can there also by an option where u can choose with what kind of account you want to sign in with? Sorry for the bad English (i am from the Netherlands).
  2. We are looking forward to it! Many thanks from the Netherlands.
  3. I would choose OneDrive voor personal vault. If you have many company passwords, then u could choose for OneDrive for Business...
  4. i hope it will get inserted in a short time.
  5. i hope it will get inserted in a short time.
  6. Is there any ETA right now? Because we want to Roll-out Enpass through OneDrive for Business, but we can't… We do not want to make a switch to a other party software. We want to stay with Enpass. But not having the option, my collegeas will concidder it
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