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  1. Making it shorter doesn't prevent the annoyance of the prompt in the first place, I want it to not bother me at all - having a short master password doesn't fix that.
  2. Thank you! That does help some, but I would still like to see an option under 'Ask Master Password' for 'Never' like I could do on lastpass, if possible. (something to note is that on lastpass it would show as a checkbox that says 'remember for 30 days' when you first logged in, and a second checkbox to remember password - but if you checked both of those and also had a different setting set in the options to remember forever it would actually remember forever instead of the 30 days.) - it would give you a warning about it being unsecure if you did that, but it would still let you do it. I'm just trying to make this as user friendly as I possibly can for my wife who despises the idea of a password manager in the first place so any annoyances I can spare her from the better. She's already pissed that I switched us from lastpass to enpass, lol.
  3. I'm coming to Enpass from LastPass. One thing I'm finding very annoying with Enpass is that I'm having to enter my master password way too often. With LastPass I could set my PC up to remember the password, and also set it so that an authorized PC/Device would never be prompted again for it. Please allow me to have these types of settings with Enpass. I can rely on the locking of my phones/tablets/PCs for securing access to my passwords - I don't need to be annoyed by Enpass bugging me for a master password again after I've already set it up on my device. Thanks!
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