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  1. On 2/23/2021 at 11:35 PM, Terry said:

    I can understand the reactions to the Audit function and banner . . . BUT . . . before criticizing and even leaving Enpass it would be better to look at the different options available. I just did and it changed my initial frustration with this new feature:

    • You can exclude any entries in your vaults from being audited by right clicking on the item and checking "exclude from Audit". I marked all my items with Ctr A and removed them with one click.
    • Cool: these items are listed in the Audit side bar under "excluded" and can be added later if you change your mind
    • In the top right "hamburger" menu you can 1) deactivate the Audit section in the side bar, 2) deactivate the Audit banner at the top of the page, and 3) deactivate Audit as a function - completely or only for old passwords.


    I tried following your instructions for excluding entries, but when I right click on an item, I don't see Exclude from Audit. All I see is Edit, Duplicate, Add to Favorites, Move to Trash, Archive, Add Tags, and Change Category. If I Select All (ctr A), all I see is Move to Trash, Archive, Add Tags, and Change Category.

  2. I installed the latest Enpass and it wouldn't start (Windows 10). I could get it to start only if I ran it as Administrator.

    I figured it out. There was an Enpass process apparently left over from before the install. After I ended it, I could start Enpass. Clearly, a reboot would have also fixed it.

    Just passing this on for others.

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