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  1. I tried following your instructions for excluding entries, but when I right click on an item, I don't see Exclude from Audit. All I see is Edit, Duplicate, Add to Favorites, Move to Trash, Archive, Add Tags, and Change Category. If I Select All (ctr A), all I see is Move to Trash, Archive, Add Tags, and Change Category.
  2. I installed the latest Enpass and it wouldn't start (Windows 10). I could get it to start only if I ran it as Administrator. I figured it out. There was an Enpass process apparently left over from before the install. After I ended it, I could start Enpass. Clearly, a reboot would have also fixed it. Just passing this on for others.
  3. I am using Chrome with no Enpass extension, Windows 10. I have disabled autofill in Settings and disabled autosubmit login for the entry. When I invoke the site, it generates a very long URL with a lot of parameters, and the site can't digest it - it hangs forever. How do oI get it to just use the URL I entered? Thanks.
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