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  1. I tested it again, and the Change Category is instead working now. However if you choose a multi-level category, the record ends in the top level one (the program doesn't ask for the sub-level category) I also want to suggest, that together with the "Last modified" and "Created Time" fields, the actual category of the record is displayed. Is not very obvious in some categories that doesn't have the category name in the title. Thank you!
  2. Hi Anshu and thank you for your message. I made a video about the change category issue, but I cannot upload it. If I right-click a record and choose "Change category", or if I click the 3 dots menu "More" inside a record and click "Change Category", the program shows the Category list, I can click any of categories in the list and then the list closes itself, but the record stays in the same old category. Also, if you click in a category that has a sub-level items (like Miscellaneous), the list again closes itself, but sub-level categories are never displayed. (and the record also stays in the old category). I'm attaching screenshots about the BUG 1 (Sort Order in iOS, Sort Order macOS), BUG 6 (Sorting desktop vs iOS) and BUG 7 (Not identical) About BUG 1, what I think that is the expected order for the records in "Software License category": 1. 2Do, 2. AirFlow, 3. BusyCal 3, 4. BusyContacts, 5. Findings 2, 6. Moom, 7. NTFS for Mac, 8. Omnigraffle Professional 6, 9. PDF Expert Thank you again for your time.
  3. Hi. I'm new to Enpass, purchased it yesterday. Being a SplashID customer, Enpass looks great so far with many of the shortcomings of my older password manager solved. I did find some bugs both in iOS and Desktop that I like to share. I'm using the latest versions of the software and system. BUG 1 - Sorting issues When adding several items under the same category (let's say "Software license" or "Serial number") it was expected that the records will be sorted by the subtitle. Instead of this they end in a random sort, that is even different in the mobile app vs the desktop app: Also is not clear what the Subtitle field would be. In the "Serial number" category, the first field is "Serial", but the field displayed as subtitle is "Brand". BUG 2 - Subtitles and field rearrange If you rearrange the fields order in a record, in order to display a new subtitle for a record (for example if you make "Model" the first record in "Serial numbers") and save the changes, nothing happens (the displayed subtitle doesn't change). You need to edit the record, change any field content by adding a letter, save, edit it again, remove the extra letter and, finally, after a last saving the correct subtitle is displayed. BUG 3 - Archived records editing Archived records cannot be edited in the desktop version, but they can be edited in the mobile app. BUG 4 - Change category On desktop, "Change Category" does nothing. BUG 5 - Editing archived records on iOS On iOS, editing an archived record and saving the changes has no effects in the displayed record Name and Subtitle. If you open the record the changes are visible. BUG 6 - Sorting order On iOS, the records are sorted letters first then numbers (A, B, C.....Z, 1, 2, 3), on desktop starts with numbers then letters (1, 2, 3...A, B, C). BUG 7 - Password audit The password audit considers "Identical" passwords that start with the same characters, no matters if they end very different. Example: VERYsecure12 is "identical" to VERYsafe891. Similar, yes, identical, no.
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