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    Brave browser on Android

    Thanks for getting back! I just re-installed Brave, and now the inline Enpass autofill seems to be working semi-good, but often it does. The notification autofill does now find entries as well, but doesn't fill any fields. An example website where it works semi-well: samsung.com only lets you fill one field at a time. If you tap on 'Fill with Enpass', it finds the right entry, fills in the e-mail address, but requires me to do the same with the password field. This is at least better than what happened before. Honestly don't know why Autofill persistently didn't want to work on my former Brave installation.
  2. eno

    Brave browser on Android

    You should be able to try any website, as none seems to work. As described above, I enabled both Autofill options, and while the normal autofill doesn't show, the notification autofill doesn't produce any results, i.e. doesn't find any entries associated with the current website.
  3. eno

    Brave browser on Android

    Hey @Garima Singh, thanks for getting back so swiftly. As described above, it's any website in Brave on Android. I once connected one login for a specific page with Brave, and that is the only one showing up, no matter what website I am on and trying to log in to. Firefox and Chrome do work well with Enpass (sometimes the Enpass notice below an e-mail/username or password field flickers and disappears again, but mostly works through the Enpass notification way), just Brave doesn't seem to transfer the URL when trying to autofill with Enpass. Other apps (non-browser apps) do mostly work well also, it's really just Brave that's misbehaving for one reason or another :(.
  4. @Kashish At least for me, with neither Autofill option (Android Autofill, which doesn't activate in Brave at all, and Accessibility service, which never finds any associated login entries for websites) I am able to use Enpass with Brave, still on version of Enpass. Samsung S20+ with Android 10. Tried disabling both Autofill options, hard-closed Enpass, re-enabled, no avail unfortunately.
  5. eno

    Brave browser on Android

    Is it though? On Enpass I still cannot autofill on a website in Brave on Android 10 (Samsung S20+), Enpass still doesn't find any items associated with a website (and it doesn't matter which website I'm on). Is there anything I can check or do? (I already disabled and re-enabled Android Autofill for Enpass.)
  6. The topic is, the problem is much older, ever since the first Android 10 Betas actually.
  7. I just had a mixed experience. With the latest version, I could use Enpass Autofill through notification on exactly one page in an overlay (arturia.com), but not on any other than that. Weird.
  8. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Samsung Galaxy S10 (European model), Android 10 from Beta until the very current (security patch level Feb 1) - happens since the first Android 10 Beta Latest Beta, but happens since the first Android 10 Beta for the Galaxy S10 Happens on any website - Autofill through notifications doesn't work, I can tap the notification, unlock Enpass, choose the right entry, but no field is being filled (Android Chrome Beta, normal Chrome as well). On some websites I can use per-field filling through the 'Fill with Enpass' option that pops up.
  9. This has bothered me since months, as I was one of the Beta users of Samsung's Android 10 update. Glad I am not alone here, and it indeed does not restrict itself to a certain browser or app. If I try to autofill via the notification icon it won't work, on some fileds in some apps there is a 'Fill with Enpass' option that then at least fills that respective field at times, but that is a handful of hundreds of failed autofills. So hoping you'll be able to fix it soon :) .
  10. Had the same problem (and in general, a reset on theme settings, reverting back to the light version every few weeks), and re-login solved it. Thanks!
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