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  1. Got it working by closing the app entirely. Open browser and click icon. Start the app when prompted. It will probably fail but will start the app. Go to system trey and right click icon. Click on any entry for a website so it opens up that page in the browser. Now click on the Enpass icon in the browser again. It then prompted me to type in a random pin to attach the app to the browser. Not sure which part o this process actually fixed it but everything's working now.
  2. Running into this issue as well on Windows 10.
  3. +1 for this, would buy a pro version of the software for Linux for this feature. Thanks for the amazing cross platform manager!
  4. Still no luck. I've even removed my other account from my phone when installing enpass. Once installed I can open up and have the pro version but as soon as I add my work account back and restart enpass it becomes the "trial version".
  5. My phone currently has 2 google accounts logged in, a personal and one for my job. I bought enpass for my personal account but do not have access to the pro features when logged into both accounts on my phone (android). Is there a way to fix this?
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