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  1. Login security PIN is never requested on app open even when set in settings/security/pin OSX desktop always asks for full password, it worked in previous versions but lately not at all v6.8.2(1082)
  2. also i will add that after the first Auth code timeout when its request again, it never arrives! Great system..
  3. Unlock All the features notification fails because the email you send is not received within the Auth Code timeout hence not being able to enter any code. Also this Constant interruption of the app with this notification is poor. If this is not addressed we are going to remove your app and are now current looking at another solution. In fact we are removing it today until I see its fixed.
  4. After the latest update: macOS for High Sierra 10.13.6 Enpass 6.1.0 (390) After update to the new app the application reset all preferences and recognized the enpass db @ icloud as separate to the local db and merged both now I have over 500 duplicates! Can you let us know if there is a method for removing dups.. thank you.
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