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  1. Hello, I use Endpass every day on my mac with Firefox ad-on and it works rather well. But with a few sites, like my bank, the password don't copy automatic and I must paste it on the logging site. What's the problem ? And if you speak frenh, it's better for me ! JF
  2. Hello, I'm french, so I apologise for my english ! We have 2 mac mini + 2 Iphone 6 : my wife and me. The macs are on Mojave last version 10.14.5 and the Iphone on the last iOs. On my 2 mac+iphone I work with "1password" but I don't want to pay one more time 40US$ this year. My wife does not use any system for these (very poor) passwords. Also I decover Enpass for a few days on my mac and also on my Iphone, but I can only duplicate 20 passwords on my phone. (I have >150 passwords) What must I do to have Enpass on the 4 machines (with 2 différents vaults my wife and me) and what about the price ? best regards
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