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  1. After 4 years using Enpass, unfortunately I am looking for a new password manager. What motivated this decision were the growing problems I had with autofill on Android until I reached the point of not having support for Samsung Internet, which is the app that I decided to use as the default browser on my new smartphone. The problems started in an update from the end of 2020 (I don't know which), where the autofill in some apps started to not work properly, filling only the user or email fields. Since then, in subsequent updates, other apps have started to experience the same problems. Some sites on Microsoft Edge for Android also started to present the same, where Enpass filled in only the user field. I managed to get around part of the problem by activating the option of filling in the accessibility settings, but the last straw was when I recently changed my smartphone and saw that Enpass did not support the Samsung Internet browser, not even with filling via accessibility. I even thought it was a system problem, but when I tested BitWarden, it worked without problems on the apps and Samsung Internet. As I said, I have been an Enpass user for 4 years. I bought the app on both Android and Windows before the service adopted the subscription system. Even being a PRO user, I got to subscribe to the premium version launched at the end of 2020. And speaking of the PC version, it is excellent and I never had any problems with Enpass on that platform, but I can't say the same for the Android version lately. I really like the app, and I’ll keep a close eye on future versions to see if they fix the autofill problem and the support Samsung Internet, but unfortunately, at the moment I’ll have to look for another manager. Edit: my phone when the problem started was a Xiaomi Mi A2 and the new one is a Samsung A71.
  2. I bought a new/old Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 (SM-T280) with Android 5.1.1 to use as a media hub. That being said, I downloaded various media apps such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, plus Enpass. But to my surprise, the Google Play version of Enpass does not work. It not even open, showing an error message right after I touch the app icon. I managed to work around this problem by installing the v5 latest build and then updated via apk file to v6. It's working, but not the way it should be and it's very annoying do all this job. I hope you fix this asap.
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