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  1. yup, file is actually showing as getting updated when using the desktop version. after wiping the data on both android devices and/or erasing the saved sites then doing another sync with drive it is populating... however with old data not the actual data that should be on the drive storage. No clue how that's possible but that's thus far the behavior.
  2. well it seems to be working but maybe not consistently. The main issue that I have is the following: Synching between desktops works fine, changes push to my Google Drive account. Synching to my Android devices work (after selecting the "Upgrade to Enpass during free offer and selecting my email") but somehow appears to be downloading the original data that I imported from my LastPass account rather than the newly up to date info from the desktop app/Drive account. I have 2 desktops (Win10) and 2 Android devices on Marshmallow (6.0.1). Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Tab S2. I initially had to manually backup and restore the file to the Note 5 for it to start working (would not sync with Google Drive). It's not synching however as described above not pulling the correct version of the data. I've already tried deleting the application data & cache on both Android devices and "starting fresh" however it's still not getting the latest version. Thanks
  3. Anyone seen this error and how to possibly fix it? I'm having issues with getting my Android to properly sync with Drive.
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