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  1. I have setup a PIN in IOS. I understand that the Master password will be mandatory to unlock after three incorrect attempts of PIN. Is it possible to have the option of forcing the Master password (as in the case in Windows).
  2. The thread to which you refer does not answer my question. I need access to two different accounts, having two different clouds, having two different email IDs on the same Windows device. I will try installing a second instance of the app and see what happens. I just tried to install a second instance; my only options were to uninstall or repair; I chose to repair; no opportunity to use a different ID. So it is clear that I cannot have more than one instance of the Enpass app on the same Windows computer. And I do not find a way to access the different account via the browser. Am I missing a link? P..S. Two vaults in the same account are not a solution for me.
  3. I have a premium Enpass account on Windows and Android. My wife has a premium Enpass account on IOS. I would like to access her account on my Windows computer. It appears my Windows computer's Enpass app is strictly to access my own account. Is there a way for me to accesss my wife's account via my browser? If not, how can I accomplish the ability to access both accounts from my Windows computer? Don
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