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  1. So my temp work around is to save a backup on the PC, transfer that file to the phone in some manner, run Enpass on phone and delete data from the advanced menu where it then runs the setup screen and select the option to import the data from local directory. Slow but it makes all my devices contain the same data. I hope you can some day correct this.
  2. So I did some more testing today. I turned off my phone. I opened two of my PCs. No Enpass running anywhere. I deleted the Enpass sync file from the Enpass folder on OneDrive. It disappeared in both of the PCs and the cloud. I then started Enpass on one of the PCs. It immediately created a new sync file. Both PCs will do this. I then entered settings on one of the PCs Enpass and disconnected from OneDrive. Exited Enpass. Deleted the Enpass sync file on OneDrive. Started Enpass. Enpass displayed all the normal contents. It was still not connected to OneDrive. I then went and connected Sync to OneDrive and it created the sync file on Onedrive. In Enpass a PC I created a test folder. It showed up on all computers except the Phone. I created one on the phone and it did not show up on any PC.
  3. I have Enpass on my S10 Android version 9, Surface Go, Surface Book and Surface Studio all with latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64bit Enpass on S10 is version Enpass on Windows 10 is Version 5.5.7 No error messages. All dates are on automatic Using only OneDrive on the PC and the S10 and moving files around all changes are logged and dates are reflected properly in OneDrive. The only disparity is in Enpass. If I add a file or folder in OneDrive it does not show up on Enpass. Seems Enpass on the S10 seems to be reading data from a different location. OK, while getting the above data for this response I tested Enpass on the PC. If I create a flolder or file on OneDrive it does not show up on the PC Enpass either! None of the PC Enpass apps pick up the changes. OneDrive on all the PCs show the changes. Clicking the refresh does not help. I noticed on the Windows Store Enpass page that it states there is a newer version 6 for Windows available but not a link only the URL. Should I download this one? I am reluctant as it is not thru the store link.
  4. I am having problems with Enpass reading OnDrive data. I can no longer read any changes to OneDrive, with my S10, done by any other computer. I have several Windows 10 computers that have no problems with it. I have cleared all cache and data for EnPass and OneDrive on the S10 and uninstalled both apps then restarted the S10. I then install Enpass and tell it to sync with OneDrive and it does! Even though I do not have OneDrive installed and cannot access the cloud. So it seems either OneDrive or EnPass is saving the old data some place on the S10. Any idea where this Ghost data is located!
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