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  1. Yaaay! Just upgraded to 6.6.1 and I can confirm that now approving via Apple Watch works as it should - even with the lid closed. Many thanks, guys and gals
  2. Just tested the updated version that adds Apple Watch support. First of all, thanks a lot for taking our feedback into consideration and working on that feature :) Unfortunately, the way it currently works does not solve my problem. Whenever I have my laptop's lid closed, the Touch ID gets disabled. In that situation, I am not getting a prompt on my Watch - it works only when the lid is open, and in that case Touch ID is just as convenient as Watch, if not more. In contrast, when I am unlocking something in System Preferences, with lid open I can use both Touch ID and Watch to approve the unlock request (so just like in Enpass), but with lid CLOSED I still can use Apple Watch, even though Touch ID is inaccessible and disabled. And that makes a ton of difference in terms of usability. Hope this is an easy fix for you, guys. Once again, I appreciate your hard work on making Enpass better!
  3. Just expressing my interest in this to help you prioritize. I am often using my MBP with lid closed which disables Touch ID. Falling back to Apple Watch in that case would be super appreciated Thanks for all your hard work!
  4. Seems like the problem is solved now. Thanks
  5. Hi, running Enpass 6.1.0 (390) + FF extension in version 6.0.2 on macOS. Is this the same bug with rescaling everyone is talking about and is supposedly to be fixed in the last version? I am getting these glitches (either scaled down x2 or scaled up x2 so that only part of the interface is seen) for quite a long time now (since 2 or 3 versions). Killing and restarting Enpass does help. I am using a MacBook Pro 2015 with 192x1200 retina display (the screenshot was taken on Retina hence it's twice the dimensions) + a regular non-retina 2560×1440 external display. I am usually switching between them (i.e. either using built-in retina panel with no external display attached, or using the external display with macbook closed). Willing to provide more info if it helps. Please, please, fix this because it's really annoying as hell. Thanks, Artur
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