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  1. antiphones

    Touch ID

    Strangely 15 mintues later touch ID started working with Enapss. So far so good.
  2. antiphones

    Touch ID

    I'm confused. Enpass notified me that an upate was available. After updating I was told that I was being given a free upgrade which included touch ID. (I have touch ID on my mac laptop). Inorder to get this upgrade I was asked to register which I did. In the preferences there is an option to use touch ID, which I ticked. However touch ID does not seem appear as an option to unlock Enpass. Can anyone tell me how I can get touch ID to work? Thanks.
  3. When I try to install the Enpass extension directly from the Enpass website (or from the downloaded extension) I get the message that it is a corrupted file and cannot be installed. I am using the latest Mac version of Firefox 50.1.0. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks.
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