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  1. First - I like a lot enpass and thanks for this good application. ok, now the request. Due to diverse reasons I installed enpass from scratch several times (an in different machines). My vault and settings (the xxxx\enpass directory) are already existing before the scratch installation. This is because they reside in local synchronized directory (dropbox style). At the first start (after a clean installation) the only options are import from version 5, dropbox, etc... and new user. None of which are my case. I'm forced to stop the synchronization with my upstream directory. Then select "new user" which creates the \enpass (vault) directory in the default place (which is not what I use). Only then I have access to "Advanced settings" to change the path to the xxxx\enpass (vault) directory. When doing, this the application deletes the files from the default place and writes a default vault and settings at my desired path xxxx\enpass also destroying all that was there before. (If I didn't stop synchronisation this steps destroys my files upstream) Then I need to close Enpass, restore my previous content at xxxx\enpass, downloaded from the upstream stored version. Reopen Enpass, check that all is ok and restart the synchronization. Could you add at the first start up another non destructive option for already existing enpass 6 vault with a browsing to directory to set the path as in advance settings ? Regards Daniel
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