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  1. Thank you very much for your quick reply Anshu, 

    Although I want to believe what you are saying but I cannot help to ask these questions.

    1. Why aren't you making Enpass open source like Bitwarden. I would like to see the coding of this software to feel more confident about this. 
    2. Security Audit is convincing but it has been done on 18/11/18, That is 9 months ago. I'm assuming you will be doing another security audit in 3 months. 

    Anshu, Please don't get me wrong - I want Enpass to be one of the biggest password managers while killing those ridiculously expensive subscription-based password managers. I believe Enpass can be that company but first and foremost, you have to ensure there are no question marks in people's minds regarding security. 



  2. My questions is simple and straight forward. I was not able to find a clear answer to this question. 

    I know that I am storing my passwords on my own local storage which makes it way safer than cloud based managers. My question is, Can Enpass get my passwords? We are using Enpass platform at the end of the day. Can they build a back door in the application that allows them to get our passwords? 

    Dont get me wrong I love Enpass, But I want to make sure that I'm safe. 




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