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  1. After purchasing Enpass Pro on PC and having also Purchased Enpass & Installed on 2 mobile phones - is it possible for me to "Sync" both mobile phones at the same time from my PC. If so could you point me in the right direction please. Regards
  2. Hi All! I've purchased Enpass PC & Mobile and would also like to know more about adding a few new icons! I have done a little experimenting and tried converting a png to the 3 sizes that are available within the enpass ITEM's folder. 20x20 40x40 120x120 they are all pngs. I have copied them into the ITEMS folder "Misc" - I have tried giving them a similar name as the ones already in the folder e.g. 1.com.png, 1, 1.com@2x.png & 1.com@3x.png. After a little more investigating I had also found 2 json files that contain web address info related to the relevant default pngs within enpass, now I am only assuming that IF one was to want the Icon associated to the password info entered into enpass i.e. when entering your information, and wanting a special new icon associated to that info, one would enter such details into the json file similar to what has already been entered for previous icons i.e. default! That only leaves one thing left? where to I place my new icon/png? Due to licensing, Conditions of use etc I will not attempt to edit Enpass to what it was originally designed for - I am not a Programmer nor an expert! I will leave my comments here for Admin and the like to ponder over and possible include an option that can allow the user to add new icons at their leisure with zero impact on security. Regards
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