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  1. My enpass fails to fill correctly login credentials at a bank login page. URL of bank login is : https://onba.zkb.ch/page/logon/logon.page In enpass, I use a standard login template to store the login credentials When I open the website with enpass, the credential information is filled in the wrong fields. (furthermore, enpass doen't seam to detect that the website is a login site - no auto creation possible when visiting the page manualy) Any suggestion on how to use enpass on the site ? Thank you. Fields on login form are (details see below) : - Loginname : field "f:vertrag" - Password : field "f:passwort" Used enpas version 6.0.2 (I do not see any related topic in release notes for 6.1) <input maxlength="11" o-js-validated="grosserBetrag,maxlength,pattern,capslock,required" o-pattern="/^700-[0-9]+$/" type="text" o-maxlength="11" o-required="true" ng-model="fvertrag" o-minlength="10" name="f:vertrag" ng-init="fvertrag = '700-'" id="f:vertrag" onkeydown="onba.onKeyDown(event);" value="700-" class="input-text input-large ng-pristine ng-invalid ng-invalid-pattern ng-valid-required ng-valid-maxlength ng-invalid-minlength ng-not-empty ng-touched" style=""> <input maxlength="32" o-js-validated="grosserBetrag,maxlength,pattern,capslock,required" type="password" o-maxlength="32" o-required="true" ng-model="fpasswort" o-minlength="3" name="f:passwort" ng-init="fpasswort = ''" id="f:passwort" onkeydown="onba.onKeyDown(event);" o-capslock="true" value="" class="input-text input-large passwordField ng-pristine ng-valid-capslock ng-invalid ng-invalid-required ng-valid-maxlength ng-valid-minlength ng-empty ng-touched" style="">
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