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  1. Hello Anshu, Thank you for your help. I installed Enpass on my home desktop and set it up so it works fine and synchs automatically to my OneDrive without any problem. So far so good. Then I installed Enpass on my desktop in the office and assumed that it would pick up the walletx file which resided in the OneDrive in the enpass folder which had been generated on my home machine. However, when I attempt to log in to the new installation with the master password it doesn't recognize it. Perhaps there is a step that I left out. I looked in the manual and it doesn't seem to address this issue. Thank you very much!
  2. Enpass works fine on home PC and auto-synchs to OneDrive. When I install Enpass on my other PC at another location which has the same OneDrive account which contains the synched data file, it doesn't recognize that data file, and won't unlock. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!
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