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  1. In another thread I read that 2FA is on the road map. Is there any more concrete information available like upcoming release or so? Having 2FA available to login more secure into Enpass - for me it's an absolute essential feature for password managers in these times, no matter if they work online or offline. I would like to have something like a hardware token via NFC on my phone as an extra security option in addition to the master keyword. The optional key file itself - for me it's something like a device registration, because the key file i.e. is permanently 'integrated' into the mobile app. When you have 2FA and periodically executed security audits, then Enpass will be my password safe further on.
  2. It would be nice to edit the internal fields creation and last access date from any entries. A reason for that is when you import your password data from other password managers import and last access fields are not set. It would be a nice feature to do that manually.
  3. When using multiple vaults, each using different key files, you can only restore the main vault! The problem is that Enpass don't ask for the key file when trying to restore secondary vaults. Situation: I have 3 vaults and manually backed up each vault (Linux Desktop 6.1.1). If I try to restore the backup on a blank Enpass (Windows Desktop 6.1.1) this only works for the main vault backup. Here I will be ask for master password and the key file. But this does not work for the secondary vaults. Enpass only asks for a master password and not for the corresponding key files. I'm now frustrated because I bought the Android Enpass version because I like to switch from Keepass to Enpass. Restoring data is absolutely essential. Is this a bug in Enpass? please help.
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