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  1. Hello, Thanks Phil for your feedback ! I've starting to backup my laptop with OneDrive so my Document folder become "network" folder i think. But unfortunately after trying to change the backup folder to C:/Users/Me/.enpass/Backups/ to be out of OneDrive scope it doesn't solve my issue even if i disable backup. I've try to "repair" with enpass's installer after making my change but no effect... cc @Garima Singh
  2. Hello @Garima Singh, I send you the export by PM. See my answer to your question below : I'm not using Enpass everyday on my Windows laptop but i don't remember than the older version (like years ago) was lagging Model : Dell XPS 13 9360 (i5 8Go RAM) OS : Windows 10 Family version 20H2 version 19042.868 My anti-virus is ESET Endpoint security and acting like firewall too. But as i say, disabling it as no effect. Yes i confirm, same effect after re-install Using OneDrive as sync method. I have 3 office365 accounts, 2 professional and 1
  3. Hello @Garima Singh, The website version seems to be a little bit faster but i'm still have "white screen" and waiting time. Disabling my anti-virus as (ESET Endpoint security) no effect on the enpass opening delay in my case...
  4. Hello @Garima Singh, Sorry for the dealy the email notification was in spambox. See below the log that enpass return. Thanks Info: [HTTP] CURLSSLOPT_NO_REVOKE Info: [HTTP] Using AUTO Proxy detection Info: [HTTP] CURLSSLOPT_NO_REVOKE Info: [HTTP] Using AUTO Proxy detection Info: [HttpClient] https://rest.enpass.io/enpass/alert/?package=in.sinew.enpass.win&os=windows%7C10&version=6.6.1&version_code=809&language=en%7Cfr&after=1617355404&license=pro curlresultcode: 0 responseheaders: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS Cache-Control: no-cach
  5. Hello, I'm using Enpass (Pro) on my Mac and iPhone without any issue. But on my windows laptop, i'm dealing with 1 min delay to open it. I've try to reinstall it (from winodws store) but no change... This occur each time i fully close Enpass and re-open it even after fresh computer start. Some info : Enpass version : 6.6.0 (770) Windows version : latest Item number in Enpass : 170 + 4 docs Sync method : OneDrive Is there some log that i can past to give more info ? Thanks to your help !
  6. Hello, In previous versions, when the TouchID unlocking was activated when opening, Enpass immediately asked you to put your finger on the button to unlock. Since the last updates, you must first press the logo before you can unlock by TouchID. Would it be possible to add a "unlocking order" in the preferences where you could select TouchID as a priority so that it could be offered immediately. Or select to privilege the master password while leaving TouchID as an option as at present? Thanks to the team !
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