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  1. The main point is the transfer of fields out of Enpass to the command line, which is then executed directly. In https://blogs.sap.com/2012/01/29/using-keepass-instead-of-sap-logon/ is described how this might look like....
  2. Normally, the different machines / systems are stored in the SAP Logon. By double-clicking the login screen appears. Here the SAP user, the password and the system number must be entered. Undoubtedly, this information can be stored in Enpass itself. I would like to double-click Enpass to transfer this information to the SAP Logon, a kind of autofill ....
  3. Hello, I'm very satisfied with the software. One feature that I miss is the ability to access SAP systems via SAP Logon. Kind regards, Sebastian
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