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  1. So I found the problem with wireshark, the TLS session failed. I had to remove the use modern cipher suites option from nginx and it worked. No problem on every browser I used on differnent systems.
  2. Hi, I can't connect to nextcloud using webdav or native nextcloud. To debug I created a brand new nextcloud server with their docker container which works fine in browser. I input the URL in enpass like https://xxx/ and it tells me could not connect to nextcloud server even before asking me for a user. I have valid SSL cert but also disable SSl check makes no difference. Also Web DAV is not working, within nextcloud I get my webdav URL like https://xxx/remote.php/dav/files/username but it tells me check user and passwort. I have a simple user without 2fa enabled and also tried to generate an app password which also does not work. Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.5)
  3. Thanks same here once I quit it completely (closed in top bar) and restartet it there was a request to use touch ID. Also I had not checkt autostart. Had to quit from top menu apple+q and restart to trigger this. I think it needs to request the access once. That explains why some users had it working.
  4. Hi, so touch id is enabled since it works with other apps. All Touch ID perference items are checked. The Version is 6.5.2 (726).
  5. So could you recreate the issue or need more data from us?
  6. lid is not closed and other apps work with it. Several posts about that here.
  7. I need browser integration. The App works only not with fingerprint unlock. Might be a Big Sur problem altogether. For other emulated programs fingerprint works just fine, one example being 1Password
  8. Same here on Big Sur on Macbook Air M1
  9. Hi, works with rosetta but fingerprint is disabled. It sends me to a dead link https://www.enpass.io/biometric-not-available/. The error text is touch ID isn't enabled on this Mac (Macbook Air M1). Was thinking of getting the black friday deal but not without fingerprint.
  10. Hi, I changed a thing on the Webdav backend (moved folder) and now the app crashed and does not allow to enter settings. So I can't fix the WebDAV folder since I can no longer enter settings. Error code 904401 appears and I can no longer search password since app is frozen even after reboot.
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