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  1. Hello @Abhishek Dewan
    I have the same problem with Windows 10 20H2 - 19042.1348
    I've already reset all Enpass (erase everything option and restore the vault synchronized with iCloud) and after the first sync, it restores a copy of iCloud.

    Back to getting stuck in a loop trying to sync

    Enpass 6.7.4 (934) (Windows Store)


    On 11/16/2021 at 4:07 AM, Abhishek Dewan said:

    Hi @pmcruiser

    After a thorough investigation, we have reproduced the issue on our end. Our dedicated team is looking into a possible fix, to be implemented in the future Enpass versions. Appreciate your support and patience in the meantime.




  2. Good morning, I'm getting an error syncing Enpass App 6.1.2 (432) Windows 10 with iCloud
    Chome 76.0.3809.132 64-bit
    Windows 10 - 1803 (17134.950)

    Authentication Error
    This action could not be completed.
    Please close the window and try again.

    My account is working normally on iPhone/iPAD/Apple.com and iCloud.com
    Synchronizing between my Apple devices, the only problem is now with Windows that started giving this error

    I already deleted Enpass and made a new vault and NOTHING to solve

    Any tips on how to solve?

    Thank you


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