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  1. I've installed Enpass on two Macs, both runs 10.15.4 and Safari 13.1. On one Mac Enpass runs smoothly without any problem, but on the other Mac the iCloud authentication sessions can't keep more than few hours, and need to reauthorize again via Safari. Is there anything wrong with the system or browser settings ? I'm not using Private browsing mode in Safari on both machines.
  2. I have one Macs and two iOS devices running the App Store version of Enpass, and I set them synced via iCloud. Since yesterday I was trying to setup Enpass on a new Mac, but iCloud responded “Authentication Error: the action could not be completed. Please close the window and try again.” every time, when I choose Restore from iCloud in Enpass and pass the two-steps authentication in web browser. I have no problem log in to iCloud.com in web browser on that machine, including signing on and two steps authentication. Just couldn’t authenticate Enpass. Please help. macOS 10.14.6 & Safari 12.1.2.
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