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  1. +1 inline with adding tags post
  2. For local web development I might use weak passwords like test, admin or 1234. Since it is a local environment it isn't a risk, but I get the Enpass warning. Would be nice to mark an item to deliberately weak
  3. Hi @Kashish could you give us an update on this?
  4. When editing an item, right now is needed to start typing to show an autocomplete with the already added tags. For a better UX it would be nice to show and be able to just click on an already proposed tag, perhaps 3 or 5 most common, or a dropdown with all of them.
  5. When I create a password with symbols on it I found issues with websites (many) that only accept certain symbols. It is quite annoying to have to replace the symbols manually. In theory I could write in Enpass the Symbols to exclude but generally I do not know which are they. Website usually give you the opposite information, the allowed symbols. Therefore I would like to see an input field for the allowed symbols.
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