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  1. Today, Enpass on my MacBookPro has decided to cooperate and doing the same thing I did yesterday, instead of getting a "please wait" message where nothing happening, it's now synching again. Open Enpass --> Click on 'Settings' --> Tap on 'Vaults' --> Select the 'Vault' --> Click on 'Set up sync --> Select the 'Dropbox' --> Use the credentials to login --> Tap on Allow and copy the URL mentioned on the browser--> Now go to Enpass app it would automatically sync. Yesterday it was not synching with Dropbox.Wwhen I got to "Select Dropbox", I would get a message that Enpass wants to access its page", I would allow this, and then in the Enpass App, on the vault page, a message appeared "please wait" and nothing more would happen. Today I tried it and... it worked. I have no idea what changed to day. Thanks for your attention!
  2. Update: After reading a bit I think I'm a bit confused on my terminology. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression is that the primary vault sits on my computer, and that what I see in drop box is just online synchronization of these vaults? Anyway what I said still applies, Enpass on my MacBookPro, I can't set it up to synch online at this location. I have been using 3 devices, my MBP, iPhone, and iPad to synch up passwords in my Drop Folder since I've been using Enpass. I select Vaults and see a Primary Vault. I select Set Up Synch, and choose Drop Box. A browser window opens and asks me if I want to Drop Box to access Enpass (or the other way around). I confirm, it redirects me back to the Enpass App, and I get a message that says Please Wait, that never goes away. What is the path forward to fix this? There is an Enpass folder with data in it, that sits in an Apps folder within the Drop Box folder.
  3. enpass sync error 204056 What does this error mean? I am logged into dropbox where my enpass vault is kept on my MacBookPro. To try to fix this, I have disconnected enpass from the vault and am trying to reconnect to it. I have backed up my vault using the enpass app. Under Vault Settings, I select setup Sync. A page at dropbox opens and says enpass would like to access it's folder. I say yes. Then I get a never ending "please wait" message in the enpass app. I've also noticed that the enpass extension icon that used to be visible in my Safari browser is no longer their either. Any ideas or solution would be appreciated.
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